Delicieuse Delicacies

A French delight store called 'Delicieuse Delicacies'. The brand identity inspired by the Art Deco era.


Brand Identity Packaging

Delicieus is a French word that means "delicious." The idea of making it a French boutique delight store was inspired by the Art Deco Era and how it impacted designs throughout Europe in the 1930s. The luxury and modernity style, also known as Deco, is a visual art, architecture, and design style that originated first in France.

The branding consists of line drawings, art deco like colour pallets, and patterns, which are hard-edged, often richly embellished designs. The box is an interesting contrast of geometric metallic foil that is similar to art deco-style ornamentation. Additionally, the modest colour palette feels distinctive and contemporary. Each package consists of similar geometric shapes, capping off what is a well-designed package which showcases how texture, paper, and colour can be successfully and beautifully implemented.

The flavours of each product are French-inspired. Delicieuse is a classic brand identity of an art deco inspired brand which can be classified as high-end with the gold designs that immediately create an aura of luxury.

Delicieuse Delicacies
Delicieuse Delicacies